Videos > 4k, .x265 support?

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Videos > 4k, .x265 support?

Postby karateka » Mon Dec 11, 2017 6:11 pm


I am trying to show a 6k timelapse video I took with the GoPro Fusion on my website, but from what I can see, the player currently only supports .x264 content and inherits the 4k size limitations. Whenever I export a video to .x265 I don't see anything at all. This may be my error, but just in case if it's not my fault: can .x265 support be added?


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Re: Videos > 4k, .x265 support?

Postby rroux » Tue Dec 12, 2017 1:09 pm

Hi karateka!

The simplest test you can do is to drag an drop your video file on your web browser.
If your video is played by the browser ForgeJS will be able to play it :)
Don't forget that in addition to the decode process, Forge need resources to compute the projection of your 360 media onto the sphere!
Decoding capability are related to the OS capabilities, it is not a ForgeJS related issue.
For a good compatibility I would use h264 and 4k max resolution.

Hope this helps, have a nice day!
- Raphaël

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